Vaccinations Protect Your Pet From Disease

The best way to equip your pet with the protection they need against infectious diseases is to have them vaccinated. Pet vaccinations are fundamental to lifelong veterinary care. We offer a variety of vaccines at Yorkville Animal Hospital to keep dogs and cats healthy. Your veterinarian will examine your pet, assess their lifestyle and help you choose the vaccines they’ll need to stay healthy for life. It is also important to re-vaccinate to ensure they remain protected. If your pet lacks sufficient antibodies to fight off disease, they’ll be vulnerable to infection.

How Pet Vaccinations Provide Immunity

As with human vaccines, pet vaccines immunize the body against disease. They stimulate a response in which the immune system produces antibodies to fight off the virus. Therefore, if your pet comes into contact with the virus in their daily life, their immune system will be able to recognize and deter the virus.

woman holding dog laying in grass

Our Vaccines for Cats and Dogs

Both dogs and cats, regardless of lifestyle, should be vaccinated in some capacity. Below are the vaccines we offer for each:

woman holding gray cat by door

Dog Vaccines

Rabies – Protects against the often fatal rabies virus, which raccoons, bats and foxes often carry. Highly recommended.
Distemper-hepatitis-parvo-parainfluenza – A combination vaccine that protects against distemper, which can be fatal, along with hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. Highly recommended.
Leptospirosis – Recommended for pets that may encounter standing water (puddles, ponds, lakes, etc.) or soil that contains this bacteria.
Canine Influenza – Protects against the highly-contagious canine flu virus. Recommended for dogs that board, go to the groomer, visit the dog park, or regularly come into contact with other dogs.
Lyme – Protects against Lyme disease, which ticks can transmit when they bite.
Bordetella (kennel cough) – Recommended every 6 months for dogs that board, go to the groomer, or visit the dog park.

Cat Vaccines

Rabies – Protects against the often fatal rabies virus, which raccoons, bats and foxes carry. Highly recommended.
Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis-Calicivirus-Panleukopenia – A combination vaccine, also known as feline distemper. Highly recommended.
Feline Leukemia – Protects outdoor cats from the leukemia virus.

gray kitten playing with black and brown puppy